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LINSTAR Testimonials
"Thank you for scrambling to get a technician out to repair our system so quickly when it went down. It’s refreshing to know that you understand the implications of trying to register patients without an embosser and have the same sense of urgency that we do about repairing our system."Patient Registration Manager – Community Hospital

To succeed in today’s competitive healthcare environment, hospitals and other healthcare providers need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and implement strong security and emergency plans.

Registering patients quickly and efficiently positively impacts patient satisfaction with the organization and sets the tone for their ongoing relationship.  Properly identifying patients is critical to providing quality care and directly impacts regulatory compliance.

LINSTAR’s healthcare solutions are designed to help hospitals make every patient-provider interaction simpler, faster, more accurate and more satisfying.  By strengthening patient loyalty and improving staff efficiency, LINSTAR provides the tools to help create a safer, more productive and profitable healthcare enterprise.

Partner with LINSTAR for programs that improve loyalty, safety and HIPAA compliance - and save money!