Time and Attendance

The implementation of time and attendance solutions often results in a very short return on investment!

Electronic time and attendance has become very popular in the last decade.  Not only is it the best way to keep track of employee hours, but now many solutions can be loaded directly onto existing platforms such as a PC.  Stand-alone or network versions are available to fit almost any application.

Time and attendance information can be sorted by department, provide detailed reports, track vacations, sick leave, and holidays and interface to your payroll or accounting system to reduce labor and costly miscalculations.

By implementing a time and attendance solution, you can:

Eliminate the need to calculate time cards for payroll

  • Reduce employee grievances
  • Increase assurance of fairness
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime
  • Eliminate unauthorized hours
  • Reduce scheduling time and hassle
  • Eliminate the need to calculate accruals (such as vacation time)

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