Corporate - Cafeteria Point of Sale

Eliminate the headache of dealing with cash on a daily basis. A card, PIN, photo touch screen, or biometric reader can provide private and secure user authentication.

LINSTAR’s College, Healthcare and Business Point-of Sale solutions have the flexibility to incorporate any type of meal plan you’d like to offer. Meal plans can be custom-designed within the software to meet your unique requirements. When you need the flexibility to offer multiple plans to appeal to your population, count on LINSTAR for the expertise and solutions you need to get the job done!

  • Smart Terminal Platform ensures continuous operation despite loss of server connectivity
  • Versatility of offering pre-paid meal plans, debit accounts and cash sales - all in one system
  • Meal Plans automatically reset weekly on any user-defined day
  • Compatibility with a variety of identification methods - including PIN numbers, barcodes, mag stripes, MOCA cards, RFID and biometrics
  • Financial reports, customer statements and item count reports are available at the touch of a button
  • POS screen is lockable to ensure authorized use only

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