Campus OneCard Solutions

Enhance campus services and decrease costs by implementing the OneCard program with LINSTAR and Heartland Campus Solutions!

The OneCard is a multi-functional campus ID card that can serve as an FDIC-insured, prepaid card.  OneCard works like cash and pays for everything - from dining and bookstore purchases to laundry and vending.  Even off-campus purchases can be made with the OneCard System!

When cardholders use their card or cell phone tag for purchases, the amount is automatically deducted from their account’s balance.

OneCard is widely used at colleges for:

  • Building Access
  • Housing – Room and Office “Keys”
  • Dining Purchases and Meal Plans
  • Vending & Laundry
  • Recreation, Activities & Events
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Bookstore Purchases & Inventory Tracking
  • Voting
  • Library Checkout & Payments
  • Copy Centers & Printing Services
  • Housing & Tuition Payments


To watch a short video about OneCard solutions, please click here.