Identification & Credentialing

Compliance with federal ID mandates can be tricky. Count on LINSTAR for solutions that work - and help finding grants to fund your purchase!

The foundation of LINSTAR's ICS and accountability solution is its ability to create high-capacity, machine-readable ID cards and tags for agency personnel and equipment, as well as site passes for mutual aid, visitors, and evacuees. 


Count on LINSTAR to help you understand and stay compliant with federal mandates for identification and interagency interoperability.   LINSTAR will help you install systems for credentialing your responder community as they come to you for processing, or teach you how to employ portable ID systems so you can create IDs and labels, even wristbands, in the field.

Featured Products:


    Mini Mobile Badging UnitA compact self-contained workstation that includes everything you need to photograph, identify and print IDs on-site. Easily transport to any location, lift the lid, power up and you're ready to go!


    Full Sized Mobile ID Badging UnitA complete solution used to issue credentials on-site. The durable water tight casing can house a command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies while protecting the equipment from atomospheric hazards.