Incident Command

Today’s emergency managers often have to handle the toughest moments of their careers in the bright glare of the media’s spotlight.

Disaster can strike at anytime, on anyone’s shift.  When it does, it's the emergency manager who is tasked with keeping both first responders and civilians safe.  In a world where mistakes are remembered and successful disaster management is quickly forgotten, emergency managers need the best possible tools to get the job done.

LINSTAR offers a complete line of incident command and tracking tools for every aspect of emergency management. 

  • Quickly and easily badge and track personnel, evacuees, resources and assets. 
  • Control access to disaster sites; track WHO is on scene, WHAT their credentials are, and WHEN they arrived/departed. 
  • Interact with outside agencies to share resources and information via the web. 
  • Create comprehensive reports outlining the details of command procedures and tasks.

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Featured Products:


    Command PIVCommand receives and consolidates data from all MOBILE units to display a tactical diagram of all personnel on-site, including their assignments and status. Command can act in an interagency mode to track and monitor site visitors, volunteers or victims.


    Enterprise Digital AssistantRapidly and accurately track personnel, equipment, and victims at large-scale incidents or disasters. Know WHO is on-scene with WHAT credentials, WHEN they arrive/depart, and WHERE are they're assigned.