Asset Tracking

One of the most critical concerns in public safety is the tracking, inventory and maintenance of equipment.

Agencies responsible for publicly-funded assets need to account for where their assets are and where/when/how they are being used.  They are responsible for tracking inventory, and maintenance of their equipment, gear, and tools.  Adequate maintenance on equipment can be vital to its longevity and resale value and is critical for reducing downtime.

LINSTAR offers fast, accurate solutions for asset management that can cut hours off of periodic equipment checks, inspections, maintenance procedures and physical inventories.  We'll help you accomplish 100% accountability for all assets that need to be managed.

LINSTAR offers asset tracking solutions for:

  • Fire Departments - Truck checks, hydro-testing, and periodic maintenance (NFPA 1851)
  • Health Departments - POD management, vaccination distribution, and inventory control
  • EMS Agencies - Expiration dates, consumables, and periodic maintenance
  • Law Enforcement Agencies - Evidence tracking, weapons accountability, periodic maintenance (squad cars)
  • Hazmat Teams - Consumables, FEMA reimbursement, expiration dates, and equipment calibration

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Featured Products:


    Enterprise Digital AssistantRapidly and accurately track personnel, equipment, and victims at large-scale incidents or disasters. Know WHO is on-scene with WHAT credentials, WHEN they arrive/depart, and WHERE are they're assigned.