RapidReg & Bedside Registration

Reduce costs while improving patient care and patient satisfaction!
Registration can be a tedious, labor-intensive process for patients and staff. The Datacard® RapidReg™ solution available from LINSTAR, allows hospitals to streamline the registration process by replacing manual data entry with a simple swipe of a plastic card!  You'll experience reduced labor costs and move patients through your waiting room with remarkable efficiency.  RapidReg also reduces errors and can virtually eliminate the occurrence of duplicate medical records!

In today's competitive healthcare market, fast, efficient service will differentiate your enterprise. RapidReg improves registration speed, convenience and accuracy and keep your patients coming back—and recommending your services to others.

RapidReg also simplifies the registration process for your staff.  With a fully automated card-based solution, you'll reduce the costly, time-consuming task of eliminating duplicate records. That gives your staff more time to focus on patient care.