POS Systems

LINSTAR systems can eliminate the headache of dealing with "lunch money" on a daily basis.

Federal reimbursement to school districts is calculated based upon student eligibility and participation in the Free and Reduced Meal Program.  Districts that rely heavily on aid are very conscious of the need to improve participation. 


LINSTAR's Point-of-Sale applications for K-12 deliver the results that districts need.  Offering complete anonymity of the participants is a primary factor in increasing their particiaption.  A card, PIN, photo touch screen, or biometric scanner can provide private and secure user authentication and speed up transactions in cafeteria lanes.   Transactions are faster, so more students can make it through the line in any given lunch period.


Less cash handling is more hygenic and improves transaction time, and cafeteria managers love the detailed reporting they can obtain from the system. 


Happier students and staff, more meals served, more time to eat, better reporting, increased reimbursement - the advantages are plentiful.   POS solutions from LINSTAR improve cash flow for school districts!


Featured Products:

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/7010d8427361222ed8d971886e08955e.jpg

    Touch Screen MonitorLINSTAR's LCD touch screen Point Of Sale terminals have been developed to meet the needs of a variety of tough POS environments. Special features include a motorized tilting LCD display - and it's waterproof.

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    LCD Touch TerminalThe Point Of Sale LCD touch screen terminal has been developed to meet the needs in a variety of POS environments. The special features include a motorized tilting LCD Display, which is tough and water proof. The screen is high quality, reliable and easy to look after.

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    Biometric Fingerprint ScannerThe biometric reader combines proven fingerprint ID technology with a state of the art card reader in an affordable, self-contained package. A slot on the device also allows reading of magnetic stripe data, and a keypad allows for PIN entry, if required. This is a very robust and fully featured device!

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/e0b6900f7bc909a54bbdcea678fd53ac.jpg

    PINpad ReaderThe PINpad Reader is the answer for all of your PIN-based transaction needs. Users simply enter their 4-digit Personal Identification Number to make a transaction.

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    POS SoftwareSchool lunch software is ideal for meal plans programs and debit accounts. Our system is proven to increase participation & revenue. State & Federal reports - "real time" by day, by school, by district -flexibility, yet complete control." Print detailed deposit tickets with all cash and checks received, ready for banking. Produce reports of any kind - and customize them to meet your unique application.