Touch Screen Monitors

LINSTAR's point of sale system is ideal for K-12, universities, corporations, health care facilities and military cafeterias!

Eliminating the headache of dealing with lunch money on a daily basis increases participation - and ultimately, sales.

  • Central Enterprise Database – robust and reliable with real-time transactions and no batch processing
  • Leverage your wide area network
  • Smart Terminal Technology – faster transactions - the line never stops
  • Uses standard PC hardware
  • Open Database Compliant (ODBC) architecture
  • ID options include cards, picture touch screen, PINs or Biometrics
  • State and Federal Reports – complete control with real-time reports by day, by facility, by organization

Featured Products:


    Touch Screen MonitorLINSTAR's LCD touch screen Point Of Sale terminals have been developed to meet the needs of a variety of tough POS environments. Special features include a motorized tilting LCD display - and it's waterproof.


    LCD Touch TerminalThe Point Of Sale LCD touch screen terminal has been developed to meet the needs in a variety of POS environments. The special features include a motorized tilting LCD Display, which is tough and water proof. The screen is high quality, reliable and easy to look after.