High Volume

The highest volume card issuers count on LINSTAR for in-line systems that provide optimal return on investment!

We’ll help you design systems that allow you limitless card personaliztion capabilities and help you create operational efficiencies you never dreamed possible!  We’ll show you how to reduce costs using in-line systems that produce the most highly customized card fulfillment packages - with 100% matching of cards and forms to mailers - and almost no human intervention!

Choose from a wide range of in-line card personalization capabilities, including: 
·         Full-color photo and signature printing
·         Smart card microchip reading/writing
·         Magnetic stripe encoding
·         High-speed embossing
·         Color foil topping
·         Thermal printing of logos, text and bar codes
·         Topcoat applications
·         Label affixing
·         Scratch off panels
·         Printing of card carriers
·         Forms and envelope inserters 

Count on LINSTAR for the expertise to maximize the potential of your card programs!


Click here to watch a short video on the MXD Lite System


Click here to watch a short video on the MX1100 System



Featured Products:

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/5e1af9f0174e1f92c232ace6d950b8c1.jpg

    MX1100 Card Issuance SystemMX1100 card issuance systems helps card issuers take an affordable first step into centralized card issuance. The systems offers a unique combination of low cost-per-card and proven Datacard quality, reliability and ease-of-use for expanding card programs.

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/525622341b2fca6da7595ae189c426e3.jpg

    MX2000 & 6000 Card Issuance SystemThe MX2000 & 6000 card issuance systems integrate the sophisticated technologies governments, financial institutions, retailers, service bureaus and other high volume card issuers require to produce a wide range of cards and secure IDs.

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/9dd323e260806cd3cbdf8cc111065c6b.jpg

    275The 275 embossing system is fast, quiet and highly reliable. Attach up to four wristband and/or label printers for simultaneous production – from a single network printer port!