Portable ID Systems

Perfect for school or new hire orientations, disaster scenes, construction sites, tradeshows, special events and more!

LINSTAR has everything you need to take ID badging on the road.  LINSTAR portable systems make it quick and easy to setup and print out badges in minutes wherever you need to.   Systems can be configured to meet your unique badging requirements.

Featured Products:

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/48f2c6cd79ae350ed18893ab26568a62.jpg

    Mini Mobile Badging UnitA compact self-contained workstation that includes everything you need to photograph, identify and print IDs on-site. Easily transport to any location, lift the lid, power up and you're ready to go!

  • http://www.linstar.com/remotecontrol/Images/medium/273ee6149548c228354e9013453e9d13.jpg

    Full Sized Mobile ID Badging UnitA complete solution used to issue credentials on-site. The durable water tight casing can house a command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies while protecting the equipment from atomospheric hazards.