Instant Issuance Systems

Innovative branch banks, credit unions and retailers issue new and replacement credit or debit cards on demand — quickly, affordably and securely — with instant issuance systems from LINSTAR.
Issue customers new bank cards - on the spot - by capitalizing on the latest card issuance technologies!

Imagine the possibilities: 
  • Increase ATM and interchange revenues
  • Improve card activation rates
  • Raise overall card usage rates
  • Minimize service bureau card production, distribution and postage costs
  • Eliminate the need for temporary ATM cards
  • Cross-sell additional services
  • Replace lost, stolen or damaged cards at the branch while customers wait
  • Enhance card personalization and increase usage by adding a cardholder photo
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Bottom line:  Make customers happier, keep them longer and grow your business faster!

Featured Products:


    150iIssue embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in minutes! Ideal for banks, credit unions and retailers issuing cards and introducing new card programs. Increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty - put new cards in your customers’ hands instantly with the 150i.