Guard Tour

An easy and effective way to control and track activities/rounds made by personnel.

Whether your concern is the safety of personnel traveling throughout hazardous situations or areas, audit trails for reporting compliance, tracking and increasing company efficiency or just giving management the ability to verify people are performing their tasks where and when they are supposed to, accurate reporting and immediate response to threatening situations can provide a valuable resource to your organization.

Unlike traditional Access Control or Intrusion Detection systems, which notify you when an incident occurs, LINSTAR’s premier “Personnel Resource Tracking” application can notify you in the absence of an event.  If someone fails to check in at a pre-determined point at a pre-determined time, automatic notification will allow you to respond in the most-timely fashion to a potential incident, accident or injury.  

Some examples of where this application can be used are:

  • Security or Prison guards on perimeter or facility tours
  • Hospital personnel on rounds of “at-risk” wards or departments
  • Facility maintenance personnel on perimeter checks
  • Inter-company delivery personnel reporting to various buildings, warehouses etc.
  • Third-Party firms hired to perform facility wide duties such as security, maintenance or custodial