CCTV/ Video Surveillance & Video Analytics

Look to LINSTAR for video technologies that are innovative, reliable, compatible and affordable!

Video Surveillance is the most important, and often, the most misunderstood aspect of a layered approach to security.  Video surveillance can offer the best evidence for identification, prosecution and recovery, but there are so many options!  How do you choose which one is right for you?

LINSTAR’s team of factory-trained professionals can help you with those decisions - from design through implementation.  LINSTAR systems combine digital multiplexing, digital recording, multiple-user network viewing and dome control - in a single, easy to use, cost-effective package.  Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system, or an enterprise-wide network based video solution, integrated with your building security and management systems, the professionals at LINSTAR can help you configure the most appropriate - and affordable - solution.

With a video surveillance system from LINSTAR, you’ll know that your business is protected against unwanted intruders.  And you will be able to access video with ease when you need to.



Network-Based Video Systems:

Network-based systems can provide the flexibility of “modular” installation, cost-savings (by using your existing network infrastructure), open-source support using “off the shelf” network components, cutting edge technologies such as Megapixel resolution and advanced video analytics, and the power of enterprise-level command and control - for instantaneous video viewing of live and recorded events from anywhere in the world.



Analog CCTV Systems: 

Small network, or no network?  CCTV is called "closed circuit" because cameras and monitors are linked, with a constant connection.

LINSTAR offers top quality Closed Circuit Television Systems that run on dedicated wiring. CCTV can be used in a stand-alone mode or you can maximize the benefits of CCTV by fully integrating it with an access control system. We can create door events and alarms to trigger CCTV activity and begin recording.  You can view activities at selected doors or other areas right from your PC.