Biometric Readers

Can't remember to wear your card? Bring your finger when you need to access restricted areas!

Biometric readers utilize physical characteristics to validate identity and authenticate transactions. 


When used for identification or combined with other authentication methods, biometric readers multiply security levels.  They also are more convenient than cards or fobs, as you don't need to remember to bring your finger along when you need to enter restricted areas.  And they are far more secure than PIN-based authentication, which rates almost as low as barcodes in terms of security level that can be achieved.

Featured Products:


    Biometric Fingerprint ReaderDesigned to provide fast, accurate biometric identification.


    Outdoor Biometric Fingerprint ReaderFast, accurate and versatile finger authentication for outdoor physical access control. This weatherized biometric fingerprint terminal is rugged and reliable. Perfect for cold winter days - no fumbling for keys or cards!