AMT Datasouth

LINSTAR provides AMT Datasouth thermal printers and supplies.

AMT Datasouth has been providing printer solutions to our customers since 1983. The Company’s printers have been, and continue to be used in applications that often times just can not be satisfied with an off-the-shelf plug-ins. AMT printers are used in the airline industry, the lottery industry, in hospitals, in auto dealerships, in pharmacy applications, in backroom-warehouse-workshop applications and wherever good, solid, reliable printing is needed.

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Products from AMT Datasouth

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  • AMT Datasouth PALSAFE Downtime Patient Registration

      PALSAFE is a complete, Windows-based, stand-alone software solution for use in downtime patient admittance administration. Each PALSAFE solution is customized and includes pre-designed data input and printing templates to match the hospital’s specific application requirements. All patient data entry records are automatically encrypted. When the downtime situation is cleared, PALSAFE data ...
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    • AMT Datasouth Process 24/7 Downtime Patient Registration

        AMT Process 24/7® is an off-the-shelf Windows-based software solution for downtime Patient Admittance, ER and Pharmacy applications. It allows healthcare administrators to easily design patient labels and wristbands with as many fields and barcodes as needed. All data entered is stored in an encrypted database and can be imported and exported in Excel format. Downtime in ...
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