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BadgePass manufactures cutting edge identification software solutions. With team members that have been active in the identification industry since the inception of desktop card printing, BadgePass has a proven history in ID. Combining that experience with a global customer base, we have created the first Identity Platform for producing secure IDs and seamlessly integrating with multiple applications.

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Products from BadgePass

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  • Badgepass Access Manager

    BadgePass Access Manager - Access Control Software

      Access control is a solution for managing the flow of employee and guest traffic through pre-defined entry points to aid in identification and security efforts. With access control software, you can monitor door status, track who is coming and going, and enable easy lockdown campus-wide, if necessary. Organizations of all ...
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    • Time Manager software for BadgePass

      BadgePass Time Manager Software

        Organizations both large and small recognize that keeping up with employee time cards can be a challenge. With an electronic time management system, employees can use their ID cards to clock in and out every day, leaving a record of all arrivals and departures. This allows managers to log into ...
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      • BadgePass SmartReg Drivers License Scanning

          Looking for a faster and easier way to enroll users into your system? BadgePass SmartReg software utilizes advanced driver’s license scanning functionality to read the data stored in 2D barcodes and magstripes on the back of any state or federally issued ID and parse that information into any third party ...
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        • BadgePass Identity Manager software for ID Management

          BadgePass Identity Manager Software

            No matter what type of organization you are, identifying the people within your facility is critical to your security. Establishing a secure identification policy helps to create a sense of community among employees and faculty members. It also fosters an environment where people feel more comfortable approaching others who are ...
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          • BadgePass TotalCard OneCard Soluton

              TotalCard is a powerful, modular campus card system that allows colleges and universities to easily identify, validate and track students and faculty members. Students can use their ID cards for a variety of things both on and off campus including purchases, utilizing meal plans, attending events, accessing dorm rooms and ...
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            • BadgePass Visitor Manager Software

                BadgePass Visitor Manager allows for easy electronic registration and tracking of visitors and guests in any facility. The process is simple: users scan a visitor’s ID to automatically populate the visitor enrollment screen, gather any additional information, and check them in. Customized visitor badges print in just seconds, allowing for ...
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