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LINSTAR is a dealer for NBS Technologies products, including desktop card printers, card embossers, card imprinters, and high volume personalization systems.

For over 30 years, NBS Technologies remains a leading provider of equipment for card personalization, EMV compliance/migration, smart card and semiconductor manufacturing, secure ID, and payment solutions for financial institutions, governments, and corporations worldwide. The company manufactures specialized and complementary product lines within its Smart Solutions, and Payment Solutions divisions. NBS Technologies' head office is located in Canada with locations in USA, France and the UK, along with a worldwide dealer network. 

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Products from NBS Technologies

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  • Xpressi

    NBS Technologies Xpressi Instant Issuance Software So...

      NBS Xpressi instant issuance software supports existing mag stripe applications and provides EMV smart card issuance at branch level. Ideal for quickly issuing replacement or new financial transaction cards, Xpressi offers a secure and flexible approach to branch workflow and central operations integration. Xpressi supports web, thin client and branch platform ...
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    • NBA Javelin Card Designer software

      NBS Technologies Javelin® Designer Card Design Software

        Any card personalization software can help you create your cards. Javelin® Designer gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps Javelin® Designer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards! Even ...
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      • NBS Technologies Central Card Issuance Software

          Simplify and streamline your card personalization process with NBS EMV Software’s advanced production performance features and management information controls. Our EMV / chip card software is a modular approach to central card issuance environments delivering the core capabilities required to issue smart cards. The NBS EMV Software Solution  includes a set of ...
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        • NBS Technologies Javelin J800i Card Printer

            Colours are vibrant. Images are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the Javelin J800i Card Printer do more than protect your organization — they reflect its pride. The Javelin J800i produces ID cards with the highest image quality available. By printing a reverse image on the ...
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          • NBS Technologies Advantage M30 Card Printer

              The M30 embosser and printer is the solution that allows real flexibility in instant card issuance. The all-in-one solution allows for the user to print, encode, emboss, tip and indent in under 1 minute – true full personalization. The M30 makes it simple and secure to issue financial or loyalty cards to ...
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            • NBS Technologies ImageMaster D-40 Card Printer

                The fastest high-quality dual-sided desktop card printer on the market today, the ImageMaster D-40 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize cards for customers, clients and employees, with outstanding speed and reliability. The D-40 is NBS’s latest addition to the highly successful ImageMaster product line. The D-40 offers high speed dual-sided ...
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              • NBS ImageMaster S-18 Card Printer

                NBS Technologies ImageMasterTM S-18 Card Printer

                  One of the fastest high-quality desktop card printers on the market today, the ImageMaster S-18 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize cards for customers, clients and employees, with outstanding speed and reliability. The fastest high-quality printer on the market today, the ImageMaster S-18 monochrome thermal printer allows you to personalize ...
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                • NBS Technologies Javelin® DNA Card Printer

                    The Javelin DNA series is our answer to a new generation of streamlined desktop card printers with built-in input hopper, output stacker and all the added options for your personalization needs.  This compact and powerful model is user friendly and delivers outstanding performance for instant results at a great price. The Javelin ...
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                  • NBS Javelin FLX

                    NBS Technologies Javelin® FLX Card Printer

                      The Javelin FLX series of card printers combines instant issuance with the flexibility of online Open Card Format printing. The Javelin FLX series of card printers has been designed to meet the demand for a reliable and flexible printer at an affordable price. Javelin FLX series printers can be attached directly to your ...
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                    • NBS J230i Card Printer

                      NBS Technologies Javelin® J230i Card Printer

                        The J230i is part of NBS Technologies newest line Javelin® card printer.  Consisting of just two base models: J200i (for single card feeding) and J230i (with input hopper and output stacker). Both models print either in color or monochrome, and a flipper is available for dual-side printing. These new Javelin card printers ...
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