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IdentiSys provides patient ID products from Precision Dynamics Corporation.

PDC Healthcare is the result of the merger of two industry leaders and pioneers in Healthcare: Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) and The St. John Companies.

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Products from PDC Healthcare

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  • PDC Vaccine ID Badge Stickers

      Support Your Organization's Vaccination Efforts There are two types of COVID-19 Vaccine Stickers to support vaccination efforts. COVID-19 Vaccine Badge Stickers : Recommended for use on employee badges, these stickers provide a noticeable visual indicator of vaccinated employees while also encouraging patients to get vaccinated. The tamper evident "VOID" feature of the ...
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    • PDC Droplet Precaution Labels

        These steps are recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of contact with large-particle droplets. The signs are placed outside the patient’s door to warn visitors and staff of the necessary steps to reduce the spread of disease. PDC 59705276 5-1/4" x 8" 50/pack  PDC 59701467 8" x 5-1/4" ...
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      • PDC Isolation Labels

          59705387 Fl. Red (P) 1-1/4" x 3/8" 1,000/roll 59705473 Fl. Red (P) 2-1/4" x 7/8" 1,000/roll N-19 White/Red (R) 6" x 2" 83 imprints per roll, roll size: 2" x 500"
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        • PDC Biohazard Labels

            When dealing with any biohazard materials, Hazard Communication Labels from PDC ensure safety and efficiency. In accordance with various federal and state regulations, these Hazard Communication Labels quickly identify containers, rooms and materials. Any Hazard Communication Label can be customized in the size and design that you require. 59707968 4" ...
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          • PDC Specimen Transport Bags

              Perfect for transporting specimen and paperwork together between departments. Pre-printed with “BIOHAZARD” for easy identification. Paperwork pouch designed with a flap cover to secure paperwork during transfer. 2 mil thickness. More sizes available. Clear Polyethylene Specimen Transport Bags - With Paperwork Pouch BIOBG8 Ziploc closure 8" x 8" 1000/CS BIOBG9 Ziploc ...
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            • PDC Infectious Waste and Linen Liner Bags

                Biohazard symbol and “Infectious Waste” or “Infectious Linen” warning printed in English and Spanish Strong Construction - meets Federal and State Regulations for tear and impact resistance. Color-coded for easy identification. INFBG2 "Infectious Waste" Liner Red 33 gallon 250/CS INFBG3 "Infectious Linen" Liner Yellow 33 gallon 250/CS BIOBG10 "Infectious Linen" ...
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              • PDC Cassette Covers

                  The Ultimate Protection for your Detector or Cassette Safe-D-Covers™ by PDC Healthcare provide a barrier between the patient and your detector, protecting your investment while increasing productivity, workflow, and efficiency. PDC SAFE-D-COVERS™ FEATURES: Specifically Designed for x-ray detectors Easy, self-dispensing box Secure closure Disposable Tear-resistant Artifact-free
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                • pdc-05741-visitor-badge-log-books64d6c5a08d506ce1bdefff0000b2950a

                  PDC General Patient Belongings Bags

                     30% Recycled material. PBP02 Punch Out Handle White PBP01 Punch Out Handle Clear PBD02 Drawstring Handle White PBD01 Drawstring Handle Clear PBR01 Rigid Handle Clear PBR02 Rigid Handle White
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                  • PDC

                    PDC Healthcare Patient ID Wristbands, Labels and More

                      LINSTAR is a provider of PDC Healthcare products. PDC Healthcare is the result of the merger of two industry leaders and pioneers in Healthcare: Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) and The St. John Companies. When it comes to patient safety, positive patient identification is mission critical. You can't deliver patient care safely and ...
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