Vision Database Systems

LINSTAR offers Vision Database Systems (VDS) software products for ID card and ID tracking

Vision Database Systems is a photo ID software development firm that has been supplying state-of-the art ID card and tracking solutions for over 18 years.  After success with its ID Card Software, RapIDcard in the 1990s VDS went on to develop PC Based and Handheld ID tracking programs for schools, universities, businesses, events and more.  Their photo ID card system software creates emergency and essential personnel ID badges and their Handheld Tracking and Biometric Authentication solutions validate an individual's identity, and manage and track proper security credentials.

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Products from Vision Database Systems

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    Vision Database Systems - RapIDtrack Desktop Tracking...

      RapIDtrack Red/Green is a desktop solution for tracking individuals. Red and Green visual displays will make scanning people in and out a snap. With RapIDtrack Red/Green software, you can verify someone's status, check their eligibility or credential, or simply log that they were at a specific location and attended an activity or ...
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      Vision Database Systems - PocketTracker 3.0 and Pocke...

        PockeTracker 3.0 is a powerful and efficient verification and attendance tool, enabling you to verify privileges and access to events and facilities with your smartphone or tablet. You can easily switch between profiles on the device, giving you the freedom to validate multiple privileges without reconfiguration. PockeTracker Red/Green is a mobile ID solution for ...
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