Local Sales Representatives

LINSTAR has local sales representatives that cover New York and parts of Pennsylvania. Reference the map below to connect with your local LINSTAR sales representative.


Molly Shrock
Western NY, Central NY, Finger Lakes


Renee Carmen-Ayers
Capital, Central North NY


​John Dale
Westchester/Rockland, Hudson Valley, Central South NY


​Contact Main Office
NYC, Long Island


Kristin Terranova
Rochester, Southern NY, Finger Lakes


Kristin Terranova
North ​West ​PA

linstar sales and service territories

  • Renee Carmen-Ayers

Renee.Carmen@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • ​John Dale

John.Dale@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • Molly Schrock

Molly.Schrock@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • Kristin Terranova

Kristin.Terranova@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

IdentiSys provides nationwide local sales and service. LINSTAR, a division of IdentiSys, covers parts of Pennsylvania and all of New York. For customers outside of ​LINSTAR's local sales and support regions, contact IdentiSys or call our toll-free number 877.213.8180 to be connected an IdentiSys representative.