Local Sales Representatives

LINSTAR has local sales representatives that cover New York and parts of Pennsylvania. Reference the map below to connect with your local LINSTAR sales representative.


Molly Shrock
​Western New York


Renee Carmen
Capital/North and ID Hudson Valley

Dark Blue

​John Dale
Hudson Valley


Kristin Terranova
Rochester​/Southern Tier

Marie McDonough
Central New ​York
Light Blue

​Contact Main Office
New York City, Long Island

LINSTAR Sales Territory Map 2022

  • Renee Carmen

Renee.Carmen@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • ​John Dale

John.Dale@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • Molly Schrock

Molly.Schrock@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • Kristin Terranova

Kristin.Terranova@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

  • Marie McDonough

​Marie.​McDonough@LINSTAR.com | Contact ​Form

IdentiSys provides nationwide local sales and service. LINSTAR, a division of IdentiSys, covers parts of Pennsylvania and all of New York. For customers outside of ​LINSTAR's local sales and support regions, contact IdentiSys or call our toll-free number 877.213.8180 to be connected with an IdentiSys representative.