Webinar: Elliott & HID Global - Safe and Secure Practices of Returning to Work

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Aug 4, 2020 11:00 AM ​CST

As the curve of COVID-19 infections begin to level off, more of the population recovers from infections, and as government shelter-in-place and similar orders begin to expire, businesses are confronted with the complexities of allowing employees, contractors and visitors back to work in a manner that is safe and ensures continuity to the workplace. Businesses must implement a plan that is tailored to their company mission and responsive to the developing situation with COVID-19.

​Linstar offers a wide range of solutions that can help businesses confront the challenge of returning to ​work. This webinar will highlight:

Elliott Mobile Solutions - Track and test employees, contractors and guests on premise. Track and document for testing or contact tracing, should anyone test positive for COVID-19 during.

HID Global - Use real-time locating services to efficiently monitor interactions by digitally accounting for movement within a facility and encounters with other people to determine potential exposures of COVID-19.
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