Emergency Management

LINSTAR Emergency Management Solutions
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Disaster can strike at any time, on anyone’s shift. When it does, it is the emergency manager who is tasked with keeping first responders and civilians safe. In a world where mistakes are remembered and successful disaster management is quickly forgotten, emergency managers count on LINSTAR for the best possible tools to get the job done.

LINSTAR offers a complete line of incident command and tracking tools for all emergency management needs. Quickly and easily badge and track personnel, evacuees, resources and assets. Control access to disaster sites; track WHO is on scene, WHAT their credentials are, and WHEN they arrived and departed.  Interact with outside agencies to share resources and information via the web. Create comprehensive reports outlining the details of command procedures, tasks and resources used.

Partner with LINSTAR for ICS technology to bring everyone home safely. Expect success!

Customer Voice

"The system is working spectacularly. We have completed 40 of the 44 participating fire departments in our county…The guys are using the new cards, which is good. It has had a very positive effect on ground operations – slowing people down, making them check in, etc. I am very pleased."

Deputy Director, Office of Fire and Emergency Management