LINSTAR Gaming Solutions
Linstar Line

Gaming Facilities rely on LINSTAR for expert help in identification and security integration for casinos, racetracks, poker rooms, and bingo halls.

Build guest and player loyalty ​by offering player rewards cards with built-in discounts for card ownership and usage. Create player rewards cards with the simple swipe of a driver's license or government ID to capture player data — as well as check barred lists — to be populated into membership card systems.

Increase security and protect assets with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system on the casino floor, as well as visitor management to check in and track suppliers, contractors, vendors and other visitors.

Customer Voice

"LINSTAR helped us improve the efficiency of our player rewards card issuance by providing us with an ID card system that prints on six different card stocks, allowing us to easily offer player cards for different levels"

Casino Manager