Allegion Schlage MIFARE/DESFire Smart Credentials

Product number: Schlage (aptiQ) Vendor: Allegion

Ideal for facilities with moderate to high security needs, Schlage smart credentials (formerly aptiQ) put you in control by delivering smarter solutions. Through the use of either MIFARE® or MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 technology, these credentials protect your most sensitive data by utilizing extra layers of security protection. Smart credentials can be used for many applications beyond access control including transit, cashless vending, and cafeteria point of sale.

  •  Open architecture design is built on ISO 14443A/B standards, providing for a faster data transfer speed
  • Offered in clamshell, ISO style cards, keyfobs, and adhesive patches
  • Utilize MIFARE® or MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 technology


MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 is the highest level of smart credential technology available from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. This credential technology utilizes extra layers of security protection – mutual authentication, AES 128-bit diversified key encryption, and message authentication coding (MAC), giving the highest security in the industry to each transaction between the contactless smart credential and reader.


MIFARE® is a secure and cost effective smart credential technology option available from Allegion. Schlage smart cards using MIFARE® technology provide the choice of 2.5k bits, 1K byte (8k bits), or 4K bytes (32k bits) of storage to meet the most demanding data storage requirements. This enhanced data storage allows for a wide range of card applications such as transit, cafeteria services, equipment check-out, and more. The open architecture design of MIFARE® technology is built to ISO 14443 standards providing for a faster data transfer speed.

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