Card Imaging Master ME1000S/ME2000S Data Matrix Metal Plate Embosser

Product number: ME1000S/2000S DM Vendor: CIM
The ME1000S Data Matrix and ME2000S Data Matrix are robust, heavy duty and reliable electronic embossers designed to mark alphanumeric characters and 2D Data Matrix barcodes on different aluminum and steel tags sizes. The 2D Data Matrix barcode has the great advantage of containing a high volume of data on limited space. With a completely renewed design and new features, the ME1000S Data Matrix and ME2000S Data Matrix are advanced solutions that can be integrated into any existing factory or office network.
7” color touchscreen display with high resolution

The ME1000S Data Matrix and ME2000S Data Matrix are equipped with a built-in 7 "WVGA LCD touchscreen display with simple and easy to use icon and buttons. The user can access and manage machine functions through a multi-level menu in an easy and intuitive way.

IoT (Internet of Things) remote access and management
  • Web services: The machine set-up and operations can be entirely managed remotely via the web or through the use of VNC (Virtual Networking Computing) client, using a personal computer or other devices connected to the Customer’s network.
  • Data transfer: Data import/export and the machine updating can be managed from any device connected to the embosser via, Ethernet by using the FTP protocol (file transfer protocol).
USB (type A, type B), Ethernet and WiFi

The ME1000S Data Matrix and ME2000S Data Matrix can be connected to a personal computer, to load data and start production, or to another device, such as keyboard, barcode reader or other if needed.

ME1000S Data Matrix and ME2000S Data Matrix are designed for medium to high volume production process.

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