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Product number: Mobile Command Case Vendor: Elliott Data Systems

More than a box with a laptop. Elliott's Mobile Command Case is a command center transformed into an integrated mobile workstation with extensive features and functionality. It's a turn-key solution packaged as a compact, self contained workstation. Integrated with any Mobile Solutions™ software and possibly other companion products, the Mobile Command Case allows users to manage people and assets at any location. Mobile Command Cases are designed to quickly be transported and setup with little to no preparation.

Track personnel and assets, issue credentials, manage information and use wireless communication with real-time data exchange on-site. The durable, water tight casing can house an integrated command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies while protecting the equipment from atmospheric hazards.

Every Mobile Command Case is integrated with the Mobile Solutions™ Software and other companion products. Cases can be configured in one of two ways:

Unique Configuration
Build your Command Case by choosing from the software and hardware available to have integrated with your case to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Quick Ship
A pre-configured Quick Ship Command Case is built and available right off the shelf for immediate delivery.


Mobile Command Case Features 

  • A 24" large flat screen monitor.
  • A technology tower with 2-110 outlets & additional VGA out for dual monitors.
  • A built-in wireless router to allow wireless communication with handhelds or other PCs.
  • A built-in PC with cable management requiring only one power button.
  • Choice between a standard size or mini case.
  • Houses an ID badging system including printer, camera, backdrop & stand as well as up to 5 handhelds, scanners, supplies, etc.

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