Elliott Mobile Solutions - Mobile ID Client & ID Server

Product number: Mobile ID Vendor: Elliott Data Systems

Mobile ID is an integrated software solution that has the ability to capture personnel data, manage that information in a shared database and print secure IDs.

Mobile ID is comprised of two basic components - Mobile ID Client & Mobile ID Server. Both elements provide certain functionality that support different user capabilities. Mobile ID Systems can be configured to best suit the needs of each organization.

Mobile ID Client
Traditional Software Solution

  • Software Installed Locally on PC
  • Manage Personnel Data (Create, Edit, or Delete Records)
  • Capture Photos
  • Connect to USB Peripherals (Scanners, ID Printers, Cameras, etc.)
  • Print Secure IDs Centrally or Locally
  • Choose 1 or Multiple Concurrent Licenses​

Mobile ID Server
Hosted Web Application Solution

  • Web Application Accessed Via a Web Browser
  • Maintain a Centralized Database
  • Upload Photos
  • Perform Credential Verification
  • Manage Personnel Data Among Multiple Departments (Create, Edit, or Delete Records)
  • Control Access Settings for Each Administrator

Each component can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be combined in a number of possible configurations. Mobile ID is designed to provide users the ability to manage personnel data both locally or via the web and print IDs. This provides a cost efficient umbrella solution by managing multiple locations using one solution.​


  • Enroll personnel & volunteers anywhere.
  • Instantly issue positive IDs anywhere.
  • Share collected personnel data with other authorized remote departments/divisions.
  • Manage personnel's certifications & specialty information.
  • Attach documents to an individual's data.
  • Ability to integrate other accountability solutions.
  • Choose from multiple card designs & print IDs.
  • Efficiently search personnel based on certifications & specialties.
  • Associate obtainable assets with a person.
  • Custom card design available.
  • Ability to work online or offline.​

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