Entrust Datacard Enterprise Secure Email Certificates

Product number: Enterprise Secure E-mai Vendor: Entrust

Entrust Secure Email Certificates are publicly trusted S/MIME certificates that enable individuals or organizations to encrypt and digitally sign emails and other documents.

Enterprise Secure Email Certificate Features:
  • SHA-1 or SHA-2 signing capabilities
  • Trusted by S/MIME-compatible email applications such as Microsoft Outlook/Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and more
  • Digitally sign or encrypt e-mail with S/MIME certificate
  • Low-cost solution for email-signing and encryption
  • Automatic full-key history backup and restore ensures data decryption, even after switching machines or renewing certificate
  • Available with a minimum purchase of five certificates
  • Web-based enrollment form with Administrator approvals
  • Certificate revocation
  • Unlimited re-issues
  • Expiry notifications
  • Easily purchase by speaking with an IdentiSys representative
  • Available in 1- and 2-year terms
  • Organization Validation — verified control of email address and individual verification by customer
Enterprise Secure Email Certificate Benefits:
  • Organizational Validation combined with end-user verification and proof of possession offers a high assurance identity
  • Established browser and email client trust prevents customers from seeing annoying trust dialogs when verifying email signatures
  • Unlimited issuance policy enables flexible certificate re-issuance when users lose passwords or re-image machines
  • Convenient expiry notifications lessen risk of inadvertent certificate expiration
  • Provides flexible support options tailored to your needs
  • Digitally sign emails to prove attachments and email content originated from sender's email address
  • Authenticates email communication
  • Maintains email privacy
  • Strengthens trust with digital IDs that originate from verified email address and organization
  • Revokes employee digital IDs immediately upon departure to ensure they can no longer digitally sign as an employee
  • Supports international X.509 standards to ensure digital ID can be used in compatible applications

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