Evolis Sig100 & Sig200 Signature Pads

Product number: Sig100 & Sig200 Vendor: Evolis

Sig 100 and Sig 200 signature pads digitize the signatures in high resolution and can also be used to record biometric data, such as writing speed and pressure, for forensic expertise.

Secure data transfer between the pads and computers is ensured using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads have a large surface with a unique finish for natural signing sensation. The signature is displayed in real time on the pad which is backlit to provide maximum visibility under all lighting conditions.

Evolis signature pads are compact and slim and are ideal for use in all working conditions, in particular when you are travelling. Sig100 and Sig200 signature pads are connected directly to a computer via a USB cable which also supplies the power. No external power supply is required. The signature pads are truly plug and play.


  • Display: Monochrome
  • Resolution: 320 x 160 pixels
  • Diagonal: 4"​
  • Active signing area: 95 x 47 mm
  • Dimensions: 10 x 160 x 120 mm


  • Display: Color
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Diagonal: 5"
  • Active signing area: 100 x 75 mm
  • Dimensions: 1​5 x 1​91 x 1​80 mm

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