Eyemetric TPASS Visitor Management for K12

Product number: T-PASS Vendor: Eyemetric

TPASS© for K12 is catered specifically ​to individual K-12 schools and school districts, and provide a secure means for school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child ​is signed out of school. Additional features include the abilities to perform an on-site sex offender look up from a nationally compiled sex offender database, create visitor badges, report student and staff activity and deliver instant notifications to parents and guardians.

With a stronger emphasis on student safety in today's society, visitor management systems for schools require more ​uniquely catered features than what is found in a typical visitor management solution for corporate offices and other organizations.

Contact Tracing (NEW)

Notify anyone who was in the building during a specific time period when a visitor or staff member later tested positive or had COVID-like symptoms.

Contactless Check-In (NEW)

Utilize biometrics  in the form of facial recognition toe replace fingerprint and keypad readers that require physical contact with a device.

COVID Screening (NEW)

Screen all check-ins for temperature reading or a health questionnaire to ensure the health and safety of the facility.

Secure Student Sign-Out 

TPASS© K12 manages the relationship between students and their parents/ guardians. Our application was designed to clearly show the child and those individuals authorized to sign them out of school. TPASS© K12’s ability to flag non-custodial parents gives staff a quick and easy way to view those rights and permissions. 

Barred Visitors Feature

TPASS© K12 offers the ability to create a variety of warnings about individuals who pose a threat to students or staff. Our flagging feature provides a prominent warning viewable to any TPASS © operator across a school district. 

Fast Pass Kiosk

TPASS© K12 allows school districts the ability to provide volunteers and other previously-vetted frequent visitors an expedient means to check-in and issue a badge without interfering with staff time. ​​​

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