NDI Fixed ANPR / ALPR Systems

Product number: Fixed ANPR / ALPR Vendor: NDI Recognition Systems

NDI's Fixed ANPR / ALPR Systems secure communities around the world and provide valuable intelligence and investigative data to law enforcement, civil enforcement, and homeland security. NDI provides a complete offering of innovative and high performance fixed camera solutions.

Differing from the tactical benefits offered by Mobile and Portable systems, Fixed ANPR / ALPR systems are ideal for strategic monitoring and data collection along roadways, bridges, tunnels, key road junctions, entrances to buildings, or other critical infrastructure. NDI ANPR / ALPR systems are used in some of the most prestigious and well-recognized systems in the world, such as the London and Manchester Rings of Steel. In a typical Fixed system, up to four C3 Series cameras with color overview and infrared (IR) lenses are permanently installed overlooking a roadway. The C3 Series cameras collect images of all vehicles passing through the camera’s field of view, and provide these images to the ruggedized, all-weather SC Series ALPR Processor. The SC Series processor identifies and interprets license plates using the TalonALPR / ANPR Engine. The license plate reads are then transmitted to the VISCE ;Back Office using cellular, wi-fi, or network communications. VISCE compares the plate reads against any number of wanted vehicle databases, and also maintains a database for future investigative use. Vehicles of interest create alerts that can be displayed in an Operations Center, transmitted by email to officers, or communicated to an NDIMobile ALPR / ANPR System.​


  • Reads multiple lanes of traffic simultaneously (multiple cameras)
  • Reads number plates 24/7/365  in all weather conditions
  • Reads number plates at day and night time
  • Reads license plates on vehicle traveling up to 130 MPH​

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