Patient ID Card Program

Product number: Patient ID Vendor: IdentiSys

Positively identifying patients is critical to the success of any healthcare organization. A well-designed patient ID program helps ensure that the intended patient receives the intended care. It also creates new opportunities for offering better services to healthcare consumers.

Patient identification has a significant impact on many areas of your healthcare organization including registration, financial services and patient care. ​LINSTAR can help you implement a patient identification solution that allows your patients to register more quickly and easily, ensures billing accuracy and helps your staff effectively document patient care processes.

Make the most of your patient information Your hospital can offer a durable plastic patient ID card that can be linked to a centralized identity database to simplify access to patient credentials.We can integrate an existing database or create new data repositories.

Admissions staff and clinicians can view a patient's information, including a patient photograph, from their PC workstation. Web-enabled identity information software can extend your patient identification information network to all locations across your healthcare enterprise. This on-demand access to information helps your staff provide the most accurate and well-informed patient care possible.

Increase operational efficiency

Machine readable technologies such as magnetic stripes, bar codes and smart cards can add remarkable efficiency to many processes in admitting, billing, pharmacy - even the point of care - that otherwise prove time-intensive and error-prone.

For example, admitting staff can use the patient identification card to call up the correct patient record every time with a simple card swipe, reducing the chance for duplicate medical record numbers and data entry errors. Nursing staff can print bar coded labels, wristbands or personalized forms on demand, using that same identification card. By consolidating and automating the various systems you use for wristband, card and label issuance, and your staff will spend less time manually entering information and correcting errors. They will have more time to attend to other, more mission-critical tasks such as attending to the needs of patients.

Ready for your evolving needs Modular healthcare solutions allow you to prepare for the future without committing to one particular technology or making a significant initial capital investment.

You can start with a basic patient ID card, and add more advanced technologies such as bar codes, magnetic stripes and smart chips as you automate more processes. Your patient identification solution can be expanded to focus on membership programs for specific patient groups like seniors or women. These membership management programs can help ensure patient loyalty and provide cost effective tracking and monitoring tools for your hospital marketing efforts.

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