Vision Database Systems - RapIDtrack Desktop Tracking Solution

Product number: RapIDtrack Vendor: Vision Database Systems

RapIDtrack Red/Green is a desktop solution for tracking individuals. Red and Green visual displays will make scanning people in and out a snap.

With RapIDtrack Red/Green software, you can verify someone's status, check their eligibility or credential, or simply log that they were at a specific location and attended an activity or event. In addition, complete log files are created for each activity performed within the system, such as card swipe or manual lookup, so a complete history/audit trail exists for full reporting capabilities, queries, and/or cross referenced against other systems and databases.

Pair PockeTracker and  RapIDtrack Red/Green together

PockeTracker and  RapIDtrack Red/Green are powerful and efficient identity management tools that can meet any tracking and verification need. The PockeTracker "Go Anywhere" entry access management system was designed to be easy to use and highly user configurable, while it easily fits in the palm of your hand. RapIDtrack is a desktop version of our tracking software that can be installed on a PC.

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