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Whether your organization is looking for an analog- or network-based video surveillance system, LINSTAR is a provider of all analog CCTV and digital video surveillance solutions. Learn more about our video surveillance and monitoring solutions. Browse our surveillance cameras by brand:

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  • xp40-q1765

    AXIS Explosion-Protected Surveillance Cameras

      To maintain health and safety, explosion-protected cameras and their accessories are required for video surveillance in hazardous areas. The cameras feature stainless steel housings and offer HDTV resolution image quality. A network video surveillance system provides benefits and advanced functionalities that cannot be provided by an analog video surveillance system. The ...
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    • AXIS Fixed Dome Video Surveillance Cameras

        If you are looking for a fixed dome camera – sometimes referred to as “mini-dome” – you will find it at Axis. You will even find some of the most compact and discreet fixed dome cameras on the market, measuring only 10 cm / 4" in diameter and 4 cm ...
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      • q8721-e

        AXIS Fixed Thermal Surveillance Cameras

          Axis thermal network cameras outperform a visual camera in dark scenes and are a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch dark areas to a sunlit parking lot. Axis thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or ...
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        • AXIS Fixed Video Surveillance Cameras

            Axis fixed network cameras meet a variety of application needs. A fixed network camera is a camera that has a fixed viewing direction once it is mounted. It may come with a fixed, varifocal or motorized zoom lens, and the lens may be exchangeable on some cameras. Axis' indoor and outdoor fixed ...
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          • f-series-collection

            AXIS Modular Surveillance Cameras

              Axis’ modular cameras are based on a divided network camera concept, where the camera is split into a sensor unit—made up of a lens and image sensor with a cable—and a main unit, which is the body of a camera. The divided concept allows for discreet installation in tight places. ...
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