Analog CCTV and Digital Video Cameras

Whether your organization is looking for an analog- or network-based video surveillance system, LINSTAR is a provider of all analog CCTV and digital video surveillance solutions. Learn more about our video surveillance and monitoring solutions. Browse our surveillance cameras by brand:

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  • Panasonic 360 Degree Network Surveillance Cameras

      360 degree network cameras are ideal for surveillance applications that require wide area coverage in a single view. These cameras offer multiple viewing such 360-degree, 180-degree, and quad-views to simulate different cameras as well as provide support for pan, tilt and zoom functionalities. They are the perfect choice for large ...
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    • Panasonic 4K Surveillance Cameras

        4K network cameras can provide coverage to large areas while capturing fine amazing details -- ideal for overlooking large areas like parking lots, public squares, stadiums, and city-surveillance. The Panasonic i-Pro 4K cameras are the perfect choice for customers looking to reduce the number of cameras yet still cover the ...
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      • fixeddome

        Panasonic Fixed Dome Surveillance Cameras

          Fixed Dome cameras have the power to be more discreet than standard Fixed Network cameras. The Panasonic i-Pro Fixed Dome cameras work well in busy open areas since they can conceal which direction they are pointing while still providing excellent and reliable video. Options Model: WV-SW559 - Super Dynamic Full HD ...
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        • Panasonic Fixed Network HD Surveillance Cameras

            Fixed Network HD cameras are a simple yet dependable high-quality video surveillance solution; perfect for indoor and outdoor applications from hallways to entryways. The Panasonic i-Pro Fixed HD camera line deliver crisp, clear images, making them a great standard and reliable option for network cameras. Options Model: WV-SPN631 - Super Dynamic Full ...
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          • i-pro pan-tilting

            Panasonic i-Pro Pan-Tilting Network Cameras

              The i-Pro Pan-Tilting network cameras are simple yet capable devices that allow users to pan and tilt during live video to search, frame and focus on that one detail. These are the perfect fit for smaller rooms and enclosed spaces from classrooms to work spaces. Options Model: WV-SW172 - Outdoor Pan-tilting ...
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