Automatic License Plate Recognition

LINSTAR is a provider of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems that automatically reads license plate numbers on stationary or moving vehicles. Learn more about our license plate recognition systems.

  • NDI Fixed ANPR / ALPR Systems

      NDI's Fixed ANPR / ALPR Systems secure communities around the world and provide valuable intelligence and investigative data to law enforcement, civil enforcement, and homeland security. NDI provides a complete offering of innovative and high performance fixed camera solutions. Differing from the tactical benefits offered by Mobile and Portable systems, Fixed ...
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    • NDI-RS-ALPR-system-on-a-vehicle-for-the-ultimate-mobile-plate-reader-solution-thumb

      NDI Mobile ANPR / ALPR Systems

        NDI's Mobile ANPR / ALPR Systems allow for additional reach into areas for tactical operations, proactive policing, and intelligence gathering. NDI's Mobile Systems offer versatility, ease of use, and unmatched performance. A typical Mobile ANPR / ALPR system consists of up to four (4) V2 Series Cameras, commonly mounted on the roof of ...
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      • NDI-RS-Covert-Installations-and-Hidden-Camera-Imaging-System-thumb

        NDI Portable ANPR / ALPR Systems

          NDI offers an unparalleled variety of Portable ANPR / ALPR Systems to meet almost every need. From checkpoint operations, covert monitoring and data collection, and undercover operations, NDI has it covered. The Road Warrior system is a cost-effective radar (speed) or VMS (Message) trailer with varying display sizes. It also conceals ...
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        • Video Insight VI Monitor LPR Add-On

            The Integrated License Plate Recognition Add-on for Video Insight's VI Monitor video surveillance software can transform practically any camera to track license plates. All license plates — local, out of state or out of the country — are detected are stored in a database so there is always a history of who has visited. With the ...
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