Food Service POS Systems

Many schools, colleges and businesses today integrate ID cards and ID badges with food service point-of-sale systems. LINSTAR offers multiple food service solutions to accommodate the various different requirements.

  • BadgePass TotalCard OneCard Soluton

      TotalCard is a powerful, modular campus card system that allows colleges and universities to easily identify, validate and track students and faculty members. Students can use their ID cards for a variety of things both on and off campus including purchases, utilizing meal plans, attending events, accessing dorm rooms and ...
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    • Food Service Solutions POS for K12 Schools

        ​LINSTAR offers Food Service Solutions Point-of-Sale software and hardware that helps increase sales and security while simplifying operations. Flexible cafeteria Point-of-Sale software eliminates the need for ticket and cash systems, allowing lunch lines to move more quickly while freeing up time for staff to focus on other pressing tasks. This software is ...
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