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  • Entrust Datacard CE840 Instant Issuance System

      Get the power to impress customers and drive new revenue with the Datacard® CE840™ instant issuance system. This affordable and exceptionally reliable single-hopper desktop system offers high-quality embossing, indenting and magnetic stripe encoding to elevate fraud protection and card appearance. Optional direct-to-card color printing and smart card personalization adds flexibility ...
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    • Datacard CE870 Instant Issuance System

      Entrust Datacard CE870 Instant Issuance System

        Issue embossed credit and debit cards anywhere, anytime with the Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system. The powerful CE870 system offers the flexibility to issue a variety of card types in a wide range of formats — with special characters and multiple languages. Create card programs that align perfectly with emerging ...
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      • Matica Technologies S3400 Instant Issuance Card Embosser

          Instantly issue high quality embossed credit, debit and loyalty cards with the Matica S3400. Like the S3500, its compact size saves space without compromising its big-thinking technology. While both are proficient desktop performers, (offering modules in direct-to-card printing, embossing and encoding modules), the difference largely lies in the number of hoppers, ...
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        • Matica Technologies S3500 Instant Issuance Card Embosser

            The S3500 is a new, versatile system to issue credit- and debit cards in the most flexible way. The system design is based on proven in-house available technologies, such as the embosser, the magnetic stripe encoder, the direct to card printing module and the card feeding modules. This feature rich equipped standard ...
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          • NewBold Addressograph Model 610 Electronic Card Embosser

              The ideal card-based solution for embossing patient cards in all hospital environments. We have redesigned and enhanced our embosser to satisfy all the medical industry’s requirements in one compact, lightweight, economical desktop system. Whether it’s less than 200 cards per day or up to 500 cards per day, the Addressograph® ...
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