Metal Tag Embossers

LINSTAR offers a variety of metal tag embossers, from basic manual tag embossers to fully-automatic embosser machines. Choose from CIM Metal Tag Embossers and Matica Metal Tag Embossers.

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  • Card Imaging Master ML2000 Metal Plate Laser Marker

      Laser marking systems are commonly used for part identification and product traceability information such as serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrix barcodes, QR codes, 1D barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics and logos. The CIM ML2000 Automatic Laser Marking Machine is designed for efficient marking on steel tags, aluminum tags, anodized ...
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    • Matica C330 Compact Metal Plate Embosser

        A compact version of metal plate embosser that features with silent embossing mechanism. Specifically designed to be placed in any industrial or office environment. The C330 metal embosser is an ideal choice for industry that require lower production volume or as a back up unit for larger system. C330 can be configured ...
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      • Matica C410 Metal Plate Embossing System

        Matica Technologies C410 Metal Plate Embosser

          45% faster than its predecessor and easier to use, the C410 Metal Plate Embosser is the most comprehensive desktop metal embossing solution in the market. Specifically engineered for heavy duty, continuous plate production, the C410 is a strong, reliable system for embossing tags, and can handle a huge variety of sizes, ...
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