​Building Access Control Systems

​Proximity and Smart Card Door Access Security

Access Control Systems

An access control system can be the core of your security system. LINSTAR has the right solution for you - whether you need to control a couple of doors, or implement a fully-integrated, enterprise-class security management and control system. 

Most organizations that install access control systems to improve security find that they also increase efficiency and reduce costs! We recognize that security systems need to work in harmony with each customer's business environment. Our building access specialists take time to understand the culture and work climate of your organization. 

From an entry-level system for a few doors to a multi-site global system with hundreds of doors - LINSTAR will help you to implement a solution that meets your needs and aligns with your security goals and objectives.

LINSTAR's Building Management Solution provides world-class management of all of your physical security systems - in one seamless software platform. Managing your building access, video, cardholder data, and interfacing to HVAC, Life-Safety and other enterprise systems has never been easier than with our all-in-one software solution!

Building ​Access Control System Solutions

Door Access

Manage access to a single door or for an enterprise multi–site facility.

Keypad Access

Use PINs to keypads to eliminate the need for physical cards and credentials.

Biometric Access

Use fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan, voice, and hand geometry readers for access.

Magnetic Stripe Access

Magnetic — or mag stripe — cards are designed for basic, low security access control applications.

RFID Access

RFID utilizes long range technology that allows for speedy flow of traffic and utilized in car parking systems.

Mobile Access

Control access with mobile devices — phones, tablets and watches​.

Video Access Entry Control

Integratable video access entry security systems allow you to control entry security and regulate access into a building as well as identify with crisp audio and clear up-close video.​

Intrusion Detection

Integrated intrusion detection systems monitor alarm points for intruder or fire alarms.

Building Access Control Applications
  • Multi-Tenant Building
  • Office Space
  • Multiple Location
  • Employee Badge Access

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