​Intrusion Detection

Monitor Alarm and Event Points

Video Surveillance

Protecting your investments and assets while you’re absent is at least as important as while you're on site -perhaps even MORE important.  Whether you need to protect your facility from unauthorized entry during off-hours, or monitor every possible alarm and event point across your enterprise, LINSTAR has a solution that meets your needs.

LINSTAR’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services allow you to rest assured that your people and property are protected -and that you will be notified immediately if any condition occurs that you should be alerted about.

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Intrusion Detection

Security Control / Communications System

The 9412 provides an integrated solution for intrusion, access control, life-safety & fire alarm system applications. Monitor alarm points for intruder or fire alarms while operating user keypads & other outputs. Monitor events from 3rd-party systems, such as HVAC.

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