Logical Access Control Systems

Logical Access Security

Logical Access Systems

Access control systems aren't just used for opening doors! Count on the experts at LINSTAR to show you how to make the most of your investment!

Organizations use a wide spectrum of logical access controls to protect hardware from unauthorized remote access. These can include sophisticated smart card ​authentication, advanced biometric security features, or various multi-technology setups that effectively identify and screen users at any administrative level.

A logical access control system infrastructure depends on the nature of the organization or entity that owns and administrates the software and hardware setup. Government logical access security is often different from business logical access security, where federal agencies may have specific guidelines for controlling logical access.

LINSTAR has unparalleled experience with logical access and security. Whether you are looking to eliminate or simplify passwords, implement 2 factor authentication, or elevate the IT security of your entire organization, LINSTAR ​provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.

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