Digital ID Card Printing and Badging

ID ​Card Systems and ​Print Service Bureau

LINSTAR offers digital ID card printing and badging ​solutions that allow your organization to produce custom PVC cards for all plastic card applications including photo ID badges, identification cards, membership cards, patient ID cards, financial cards and much more. From simple photo ID cards to multi-purpose, multi-technology enterprise IDs, LINSTAR systems make the entire process fast, easy and affordable.

Whether your organization is looking to print plastic ID cards in-house or a vendor to print and fulfill cards for you, LINSTAR has the right solution for you.

ID Card Printing Solutions
Plastic ​ID Card Solutions
Desktop ID Card Printers

Desktop ID Card Printers
Basic entry-level to robust enterprise systems

Used for: photo ID badges, identification cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, flat financial cards, more


ID Software Selection Guide
Basic entry-level to robust enterprise software

Used for desktop direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers.

Desktop ID Card Embossers

Desktop ID Card Embossers
Emboss, deboss and indent

Used for: Embossed financial cards (debit cards and credit cards), and patient ID cards

Central ID Card Issuance Systems

​Central Issuance ID Card Systems
High volume and service bureau applications

Central issuance systems are like desktop printers, but print at high volume levels. These systems are modular can include a full choice of personalization and card delivery options to fit your program requirements.

Portable Credentialing Systems

Portable Credentialing Systems
Badge ​employees and ​personnel off-site

Portable ID badge systems are perfect for disaster scenes, construction sites, school or new hire orientations, special events and more! 

Card Design and Printing

LINSTAR Service Bureau & Design Services
We design and print the cards for you

LINSTAR has in-house staff and resources for plastic card design and printing for full card personalization and fulfillment.

Plastic ID Card Applications
  • Photo ID Badges
  • Identification Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Patient ID Cards
  • Financial Cards

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