Incident Command & Emergency Management

Rapid, Accurate Tracking of Personnel, Equipment and Victims

Rapid, accurate tracking of personnel, equipment, and victims at a large-scale incident or disaster is essential for first responders.

LINSTAR takes great pride in the work that we do with emergency response organizations. We offer a full suite of solutions that help unite emergency services personnel with interoperable, NIMS compatible systems for tracking responders, volunteers, and victims at incidents. Tracking information is managed on-scene to ensure accountability, safety, and site access control. The information is made available to off-scene agencies and facilities for wide-area resource management during public safety or public health emergencies. From manual accountability tags and first due boards to electronic  tracking systems and highly automated, web-based incident command solutions – LINSTAR is proud of the part we play in keeping responders, victims and evacuees safe.

Interagency, interoperable systems that meet federal mandates for identification, tracking and reporting are our specialty.

Incident Command
Incident Command & Emergency Management Solutions

Identification & Credentialing

The foundation of LINSTAR's ICS and accountability solution is its ability to create high-capacity, machine-readable ID cards and tags for agency personnel and equipment, as well as site passes for mutual aid, visitors, and evacuees. 

Count on LINSTAR to help you understand and stay compliant with federal mandates for identification and interagency interoperability. LINSTAR will help you install systems for credentialing your responder community as they come to you for processing, or teach you how to employ portable ID systems so you can create IDs and labels, even wristbands, in the field.

Incident Command

LINSTAR offers a complete line of incident command and tracking tools for every aspect of emergency management. Control access to disaster sites; track WHO is on scene, WHAT their credentials are, and WHEN they arrived/departed. Easily create comprehensive reports outlining the details of command procedures and tasks.

Patient & Evacuee Tracking

Disaster scenes can have anywhere from a few to thousands of evacuees. Emergency managers have to worry about getting these people out safely, while also putting their agency’s reputation and budget on the line.

Quickly and accurately register and tag evacuees and track them through transport. Data is captured and managed on-scene in the disaster zone. At the same time, data can be monitored off-scene by your agency or other agencies.

Asset Tracking

LINSTAR offers fast, accurate solutions for asset management that can cut hours off of periodic equipment checks, inspections, maintenance procedures and physical inventories. We'll help you accomplish 100% accountability for all assets that need to be managed.

Manual Accountability

Not ready for an electronic accountability system? Count on LINSTAR for all of your manual systems and supplies! 

  • Incident Command First Due Boards & Sheets
  • Command & Accountability Vests
  • ID Tags/Credentials
  • Collector Boards
  • Collector Rings & Snaps
Incident Command & Emergency Management Applications
  • Tracking & identifying first responders
  • Tracking & ​identifying victims
  • Tracking equipment

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