Law Enforcement Body Camera

First-person POV Evidence-Capturing Device

Exhibiting the ability to record video, audio, and take pictures, the Prima Facie Body Camera from Safety Vision always offer the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. The Prima Facie can record video in crisp 1080p high definition (HD) for optimal clarity and utilizes a pre-event recording feature to ensure no detail is missed. With the unit’s integrated color LCD screen and speaker, recorded audio, video, and still pictures can instantly be reviewed.

Features not offered with other body cameras: 

  • Automatic IR illuminators for vision in zero light
  • Police mic-interface
  • Ability to take high-resolution still image
  • Ability to record audio-only file
  • Rugged IP55 environmental rating
Police Body Camera
​Law Enforcement Body Camera Solutions

The Prima Facie® Body Worn Camera is the evidence-capturing device that never fails to provide a first-person point of view. 

The Prima Facie ​is designed to help law enforcement users:

  • Maintain a safe and secure chain of evidence
  • Have recorded data that can only be downloaded to an authorized computer
  • Augment or replace vehicle-mounted cameras

A Prima Facie body camera from LINSTAR is one of the least expensive pieces of equipment a user can have on their body or in their car, and it provides maximum value. 

Law Enforcement Body Camera Applications
  • Police 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Game Wardens
  • Private Security
  • Tactical Weapons Training

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