Mass Notification & Emergency Communications

​Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System

Using Talk-A-Phone’s Wide-area Emergency Broadcast System, WEBS®, as a foundation, LINSTAR provides security officials with a robust Mass Notification platform, capable of delivering the right message to the right people, in real time.

Exterior and interior paging units, emergency phones, LED signage, SMS, RSS, email, high power speaker arrays, alarm systems and other technologies can be incorporated into a comprehensive crisis management solution under a single platform, providing the most powerful solution available when every second counts.

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Mass Notification & Emergency Communication Solutions


Campuses, whether located in the midst of a large metropolitan area or in smaller urban or rural regions, all must find solutions to effectively build a safe and secure environment with limited resources.

Mass Transit

Mass Transit

With millions of travelers taking to our nation’s airports and mass transit facilities each year, safety and security is among the most important and scrutinized elements of any facility’s infrastructure.



With multiple buildings and multi-use facilities, and operations running 24/7, the issues facing security personnel are daunting. Healthcare institutions must find solutions to effectively build a safe and secure environment with limited resources.



An emergency preparedness plan must include clear instructions on how to react in case of emergency and what actions should be taken. Emergency communications play an important role in this process.



Not only must personnel provide for the safety and protection of travelers within the terminal, but they also must account for incidents at various, and often remote, parking facilities.


Shopping Malls

Public venues with high traffic volumes, shopping malls and retail centers face multiple security concerns, particularly theft and safety regarding shoppers and employees.



With ever-growing number and complexity of threats we face today, not only in the USA but also abroad, it becomes critical for state and local authorities to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to crisis situations in a unified fashion through a myriad of notification mediums.

Mass Notification & Emergency Communication Applications
  • Walking Paths
  • Bus Stops
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Campus Grounds
  • Perimeters

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