bAlerts from Talkaphone

​Personal Safety Solution


LINSTAR offers bAlert’s communication solutions, a full suite of safety products that provide end‐to‐end protection. From discreet panic buttons and a convenient safety app to a mass notification system, bAlert connects administrators, first responders, and community members by implementing accessible software.

The bAlert Portal is your all-in-one center for setting up and deploying all bAlert solutions. The cloud-based Portal is designed to be accessed from any internet-enabled device and can be deployed with no additional hardware.

From single-building complexes to multi-facility institutions spread over tens of acres, LINSTAR can deliver reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs.

Featured Products
Mobile App

The Mobile Safety App features an emergency slider that places a call directly to first responders. The bAlert technology uses geofences to determine if the app user is on the property in which case it will dial a local security office. If the user is off of the property, it will prompt them to dial 911.

Computer App

The Computer Panic Button is activated by double-clicking the icon or using the hotkeys on a desktop computer. The information and location details of the panic signal are sent to the Portal and the Emergency Response Team.

Handheld Panic Button

The Bluetooth Panic Button connects to a tablet or smartphone with a  Mobile Safety App license.

Mass Notification

The Mass Notification System can send alerts to 11 different platforms such as text messages, emails, social media, and WEBS-enabled Talkaphone Emergency Call Stations.


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