Metal Plate Embossing

Emboss, Deboss, Indent or Mark Metal Plates and Tags

LINSTAR offers a wide variety of metal plate embossing systems for identifying items ​that withstands the harsh environments, holds up to painting and corrosion. 

Applications for metal plate ​embossing range from serial number plates, valve tags, cable and hose tags, telephone pole markers, pump and pipe tags, forestry logging tags, botanical accession tags, repair and spare part tags, virtually any application that requires a metal ID plate or tag that is susceptible to harsh industrial use environments.

Metal Embossed Tags
​Metal Plate Embossing Solutions

Dog Tag Machines

Emboss dog tags and medical alert tags. Manual and automatic options are available. Dog tag machines can be specified to specific metal plate types and fonts.

Metal Plate Embossers

Many metal plate embosser options are available, from simple manual embossing machines to high speed fully-automatic machines and compact, portable machines to heavy duty, high-output machines. Machines can be specified to specific fonts, metal plate sizes and types.

Dot Matrix Marking Machines

Metal dot matrix machines mark standard Windows fonts, including special characters and symbols on metal plates and tags. These machines also come in versions that allow the embossing of 2D barcodes that can be read using a scanner.

Metal Plate 2D Barcode Asset Tracking

With metal plate embossing machines that can also emboss 2D data matrix barcodes on metal plates, you can scan the data matrix barcode with a special handheld scanner and capture data using EPIC Track Software. The data is collected and can be viewed from any browser-enabled device.

Metal Plate Embossing Applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Power plants
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Botanical gardens
  • U.S. Military (dog tags)

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